Holloway Aviation's comprehensive one-stop program includes customized online Manuals.


Holloway Aviation offers more than just a stand-alone SMS program for the fixed wing or rotor community.  Holloway Aviation's comprehensive one-stop program includes customized online Manuals (operations; SMS; emergency response; international, maintenance), customized risk assessments, internet based reporting, and technologically advanced safety tools such as the Safety Audits that monitor flight organization safety trends.

Aviation safety programs have traditionally been structured around reactive analysis and investigations of mishaps and events. Today's extremely low accident rate necessitates a proactive approach to improving the level of aviation safety. Decreasing resources are forcing every organization to take a fresh look at strategies that bring safety efforts into the business framework of aviation operations. The proactive safety approach to managing safety is a systematic and comprehensive process for addressing safety risks and it integrates the management of operations and technical systems with financial and human resources. Otherwise known as a Safety Management System (SMS) its principles go right to the core of identifying and mitigating latent system errors within your business and operating processes.


We use our extensive SMS expertise, training, and materials to analyze your current safety program, risk mitigation policies and procedures against the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and FAA guidelines. Our SMS team will also complete a Safety assessment of employees and staff, collecting both quantitative and qualitative data to help establish a baseline of your current safety culture. The results of the this assessment  will identify strengths, shortfalls, and opportunities for implementing a robust SMS. Using the data from the Safety Assessment we will work collaboratively with your team to address all the SMS shortfalls and develop the necessary policies, procedures, and programs stipulated for operators.

The result will be an SMS solution that meets all the ICAO and FAA requirements and regulations and:

  • Saves you money by delivering a total SMS solution sooner.
  • Enables you to be fully compliant with the pending SMS rule ahead of schedule.
  • Improves safety by enabling SMS reporting for employees and staff sooner it will allow you to collect data, conduct risk management and implement mitigation strategies within a few months of starting the SMS project, preventing recurring safety events and saving resources and money.
  • Your staff becomes familiar with the SMS reporting and management application from the onset of the SMS implementation and in turn becomes more confident and capable in the overall program.
  • The SMS manual becomes a living document that is developed and updated throughout the process.





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Safety is not just something we talk about here at Holloway Aviation. I stake my name and company on it.

Pilot Services

Holloway Aviation Pilot Services provides comprehensive pilot services, including Flight Training, Air Charter, Pilot Supplies and Aircraft Maintenance, for both based and transient aircraft.

Flight Testing

We can provide overall program and airplane operations management, flight and ground crews, test equipment and facilities, data processing equipment and services, and liaison with the FAA for certification


It is our experience that the best audits comprise the observation of multiple viewpoints and we insure that our teams consist of at least two auditors.

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Latest News

  • Holloway Aviation Receives a Green (low-risk) rating from DCMA.
  • Holloway Aviation is awarded a Blue Rating for exceeding the requirements of DCMA 8210
  • Holloway Aviation to Attend the AAAA Fixed-Wing Conference in Huntsville in June


Independent Management for Your Flight Operations
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