Commercial Programs

Our Commercial Flight Testing Program gives you the convenience of installation, academic and flight training under one roof.



Our Commercial Flight Testing Program offers flight testing, specializing in Avionics Testing and Development for STC Certification. We have the ability to conduct onsite temporary repair in order to move your aircraft to our main facility for major repair work. We also offer familiarization academic and flight training for newly installed equipment. The benefit of this service to you is the convenience of one facility for installation, academic and flight training all under one comfortable, modern facility roof.

  • Over 20 years of Flight Testing Experience
  • Over 20 years of Certified Flight Instruction experience
  • Qualified in Multiple Prop and Jet Aircraft
  • DER Flight support
  • Over 10,000 flight hours without an incident





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Safety is not just something we talk about here at Holloway Aviation. I stake my name and company on it.

Pilot Services

Holloway Aviation Pilot Services provides comprehensive pilot services, including Flight Training, Air Charter, Pilot Supplies and Aircraft Maintenance, for both based and transient aircraft.

Flight Testing

We can provide overall program and airplane operations management, flight and ground crews, test equipment and facilities, data processing equipment and services, and liaison with the FAA for certification


It is our experience that the best audits comprise the observation of multiple viewpoints and we insure that our teams consist of at least two auditors.

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Latest News

  • Holloway Aviation Receives a Green (low-risk) rating from DCMA.
  • Holloway Aviation is awarded a Blue Rating for exceeding the requirements of DCMA 8210
  • Holloway Aviation delivered 1st ISR platform plane to the Turkish Military in July


Independent Management for Your Flight Operations
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